Gym Beast Crew Neck Tee 1.0 (NA0098)
Description Gym Beast Crew Neck Tee 1.0 (NA0098) When it comes to versatility, pick our Gym Beast Crew Neck Tee 1.0 which is perfect  to wear for training, running and your workout sessions. Made with breathable and quick drying fabric,...
Flex it Up Shorts (NA0108)
Description Flex it Up Shorts (NA0108) Flex it Up Shorts for men are perfect for all your sports activities including running and jogging alongside training and gym sessions. The wicking fabric draws moisture and sweat away from the body, keeping...
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On the Track suit (NA0028)
Description On the Track suit (NA0028) This track upper is durable in quality and possesses an incredibly strong polyester fabric; which ensures that it doesn’t tear, stretch, or pill easily like cotton and other natural fabrics. The material is moisture-resistant...
Rs.6,190 Rs.3,100
Ultra Champ Zipper (NA0025)
Description Ultra Champ Zipper (NA0025) A top to rear front-zipped jacket with a pure polyester fabric. Polyester fibers are incredibly strong, which consequently ensures that they don't tear, stretch, or pill easily like cotton and other natural fibers. This quilted sleeveless...
Rs.4,490 Rs.2,250
F-Sixteen Gym Hoodie (NA0080)
Description F-Sixteen Gym Hoodie (NA0080)  A sleeveless edition, this piece will be a timeless add to your active wear clothing sets. Couple it with your favorite sweatpants to carve out your favorite street style.This hoodie is made from cotton fleece material;...
Rs.2,990 Rs.1,500
Supreme Action (NA0024)
Description Supreme Action (NA0024) A sleek dri-fit edition from our basics. This full sleeved polyester tee will be the perfect plus to your capsule wardrobe while also ensuring no emergence of fuzz balls on the surface of the cloth and an...
Rs.1,990 Rs.1,000
Forever Kombat Sweatshirt (NA0053)
Description Forever Kombat Sweatshirt (NA0053) A cotton fleece sweatshirt specialized for gym and other physical activities. This fabric is just the right amount of warm while ensuring perfect breathability. The Forever Kombat 1.0 is also ecologically sound as Fleece made...
Rs.3,490 Rs.1,750
The Power Forte Sweatshirt (NA0054)
Description The Power Forte Sweatshirt (NA0054) Flaunt on The Power Forte & make a statement with this crew-neck, front-pocketed sweatshirt. It is made in cotton fleece fabric which is quite soft and comfortable. Once you possess it and wear it,...
Rs.3,490 Rs.1,750
Micro Double-Knit Round Neck Sweatshirt (NA0001)
Description Micro Double-Knit Round Neck Sweatshirt (NA0001) As the weather keeps getting hotter, this lightweight formula will keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day. The fit is kept slightly loose to suit your body shape and allow your body the...
Rs.2,490 Rs.1,250
Achevé Men Tracksuit 1.0 (NA0011)
Description Achevé Men Tracksuit 1.0 (NA0011) A fully equipped 2-piece tracksuit that comes with a zipped active wear jacket and elastic belt trousers. The jacket features elastic cuffs and bottom tier elastic string locked with a crystal stopper on both...
Rs.5,490 Rs.2,750
Ultra Champ Trousers (NA0027)
Description Ultra Champ Trousers (NA0027) A durable polyester edition from our running range, featuring moisture resistance and a considerable stretch. The Ultra Champ Trousers come in a straight-fit and offers a slightly loose envelope that will keep you feeling easy...
Rs.3,190 Rs.1,600
Full Axis Gym Trouser (NA0026)
Description Full Axis Gym Trouser (NA0026) These moisture-resistant trousers with their incredible stretch quality are perfect for your leg day at gym. The micro stitch fabric ensures that each stitch stays in place for the longest periods of time. The...
Rs.2,990 Rs.1,500
Maxing Out Trousers (NA0055)
Description Maxing Out Trousers (NA0055) The Maxing Out gym trousers are made of a cotton terry cloth which is a kind of knitted fabric that is soft and smooth on one side (generally, outer) and has loops and yarns on...
Rs.3,490 Rs.1,750
F-Sixteen Trousers (NA0042)
Description F-Sixteen Trousers (NA0042) While the F-Sixteen range is aimed at equipping you with an unparalleled speed whether you’re running or performing at your society club, it also makes sure that your skin is breathing fine throughout your workout and...
Rs.3,990 Rs.2,000
F-16 Running Trousers (NA0008)
Description F-16 Running Trousers (NA0008) A durable edition from our running range featuring an elasticated waistband and considerable stretch. The F-16 Running Trousers come in a straight-fit and offer a slightly loose envelope that will keep you feeling easy and...
Rs.2,490 Rs.1,250
Baggy Arsenal 1.0 Half Zipped Men Shirt (NA0007)
Description Baggy Arsenal 1.0 Half Zipped Men Shirt (NA0007) Zipped by the upper fourth quarter, this lightweight formula will keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day. The fabric of this shirt will allow you to stretch to your capacity &...
Rs.1,990 Rs.1,000
Monotone Rapid Jacket (NA0051)
Description Monotone Rapid Jacket (NA0051) Made in pure polyester, this jacket will 10/10 make it to your capsule collection. The double interlock stitch makes this jacket 2x stronger against any tears, stretches and fuzz-balling. Thus retaining its shape for long...
Unisex Sports Top (NA0056)
Description Unisex Sports Top (NA0056) Made in scuba fabric, this jacket is fully front-zipped and has an impressive jersey-like stretch formed by a double-knit construction also known as double jersey. Nayza’s fitness apparel chapter ‘Vibe Check’ is designated for the...
Polo T-Shirt Melange (NA0003)
Description Polo T-Shirt Melange (NA0003) Polos are a forever favorite so get your hands on this regular-fit polo that is quick to dry & will keep you easy throughout the day. The soft fabric with a special melange effect adds...
Rs.1,990 Rs.1,000
Jersey Spandex Men Vest (NA0006)
Description Jersey Spandex Men Vest (NA0006) Do some real upright rowing as you put on this smart fit men vest. This particular style is made in a blend fabric which is partly cotton & partly polyester and spandex. Slay this...
Rs.1,490 Rs.750
Delta-Wing 1.1 Running Practice Shorts (NA0010)
Description Delta-Wing 1.1 Running Practice Shorts (NA0010) An elastic belt with strings that ensure easy-wear. These running practice shorts are a must-have in bulkier seasons when your performance in the court is likely to be affected by the weather or...
Rs.1,190 Rs.600
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