If you are a fitness hotshot or an avid gym-goer, NAYZA is your deal. From its achevé track suits & performance innerwear to quintessential footwear & protective gears; it’s a one-stop-shop for your A to Z athleisure needs. The designs at NAYZA are prepped & tailored by picking fibres that are power boosting and offer an additional value of functional finishes for different areas like cross-training, sportswear, fitness aids etc. NAYZA is spearheaded by a très apt team of designers, experts and goal achievers who are devoted to bringing you cutting edge active lifestyle choices.
The brand’s stable is divided into 3 distinct chapters:

1) VIBE CHECK; features Sports Apparel for Men and Women
2) FITNESS BEAST; features Active Sports Footwear for Men and Women
3) POWER PUFF; a range of Sports Accessories & Fitness Supports

FB features active footwear specialized for Running, Training, Golf, Football & Sports / Casual / Lifestyle. It is your footwear niche for the outdoorsy days. Rock on a pair as you head to the gym, a nearby running track or a cross-training session & put up your own show right away.

VC features all sports apparel for men and women ranging from (but not limited to) Tees, Tank tops, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Achevè 2 Piece Tracksuits & a complete range of activewear bottoms including (but not limited to) Tights, Trousers, 3 Quarters, Running Shorts & Bermudas.

PP features a range of accessories including (but not limited to) Bottles, P - Caps, Backpacks / Gym Bags, Yoga Matt, Head Wear & Training Gloves. Apart from these there’s a range of Fitness Supports for the categories of Wrist, Knee, Ankle, Shin Pad, Palm, Elbow, Shoulder, Calf, Open Patella Knee Cap, Socks (Pack of 2/ 3) & Undergarments (Briefs/ Hipster).
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