Megaboost R1.0 Walter (M4873)
Description Megaboost R1.0 Walter Ultralight running shoes that can be utilized to run 10 miles of marathon with least weight on foot.
Airbrush R2.3 Interpid (U0001)
Description Airbrush R2.3 Interpid A unisex article from our running neutrals range that stands out because of its exceptional grip and go-with-all design.
AirBrush 1.4 Spatial (M6511)
Description AirBrush 1.4 Spatial (M6511) Made with layers of fabrics and mesh sewn together, the Spatial edition stretches and supports in appropriate places. This is because a pair of running shoes needs to have some space between the toes and...
Footstrike R1.3 Warrior (M6300)
Description Footstrike R1.3 Warrior These running shoes are designed for pavement and jogging sessions onto packed surfaces with irregularities. Light and flexible, they're made to cushion & stabilize feet during repetitive strides on hard surfaces.  
Footstrike R1.2 Fly Knit (M6273)
Description Footstrike R1.2 Fly Knit (M6273) This running shoe comes with an upper mesh which improves breathability and reduces the shoe weight. The tongue of the shoe is attached to the shoe-upper under the lacing patch and eyelets, protecting the...
Footstrike R1.1 Flaming Hot (M4870)
Description Footstrike R1.1 Flaming Hot Featuring a mesh upper and a flexible rubber sole, FootStrike R#1.1 Flaming Hot is a ‘racing’ special running shoe that can be worn casually as well.  
Footstrike R1.4 NEON (M6301)
Footstrike R1.4 NEON (M6301) A shoe that is perfect for your jogging sessions, comes with an air cushion at back and front to protect from potential impact and shocks.
Footstrike R1.6 Beachcomber (M6275)
Description Footstrike R1.6 Beachcomber  These shoes come with air cushioning and air bounce features to facilitate your running sessions. The heel guard protects your feet from any potential injury.
AirBrush 1.2 Balance (M6510)
Description AirBrush 1.2 Balance (M6510) These are designed to protect your feet from the road, provide traction on different surfaces, cushion the landing shock and deliver support to your feet.
Footstrike R1.5 Neon (M6302)
Description Footstrike R1.5 Geometric (M6302) This Geometric edition comes with an ultra-boost EVA sole. The air bounce element helps with cushioning and the duo of toe and heel protector is an added benefit.
AirBrush 1.0 Power (U0003)
Description AirBrush 1.0 Power (U0003) Ultra-light in weight, this unisex pair of shoes is convenient to wear for long hours. It also hosts an upper mesh, sweat absorption material and a separate lace patch for easy fit.
AirBrush R2.2 Perfervid (U0002)
Description AirBrush R2.2 Perfervid  A solid body with considerable base strength; this casual lace-up from our running neutrals will be a perfect add to your sports gear.  
Airbrush R2.6 Run-of-the-Mill (M6274)
Description Airbrush R2.6 Run-of-the-Mill (M6274) This Running Shoe pair comes with a separate strip on the upper and its main purpose is to protect the top of your feet from lace pressure. Moreover, it’s a useful aid for putting your...
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