Pre-Show Racerback Bra (NA0014)
Description Pre-Show Racerback Bra (NA0014) Comfort from within helps you put the best show outside. This racerback compression bra is an active-lifestyle choice that will be your best friend through all kinds of sports. The garment offers minimal bounce which...
Rs.1,990 Rs.1,000
Fangirl Half T-Shirt (NA0012)
Description Fangirl Half T-Shirt (NA0012) A forever style is always a plus when it comes to a reinventable wardrobe. Grab this durable tee for women in a light weight melange interlock fabric. The classic design roots from active lifestyle divas...
Rs.990 Rs.500
Tweener Tights 1.0 Solid (NA0022)
 Description Tweener Tights 1.0 Solid (NA0022) Finely curated in a solid lycra fabric, these tights offer functionality like no other. The statement piece is quick to dry and offers breathability as well as an impressive stretch, thus making it...
Rs.2,190 Rs.1,100
Standard Tights 1.0 Full Solid (NA0018)
Description Standard Tights 1.0 Full Solid (NA0018) Shape your active wardrobe with these must-have women tights that come in a lightweight fabric. This standard style is made in solid lycra; a fine fabric that sustains breathability and allows you to...
Rs.2,490 Rs.1,250
AirBrush 1.0 Power (U0003)
Description AirBrush 1.0 Power (U0003) Ultra-light in weight, this unisex pair of shoes is convenient to wear for long hours. It also hosts an upper mesh, sweat absorption material and a separate lace patch for easy fit.  
Rs.7,990 Rs.4,000
Striped Standard Tights 1.2 (NA0021)
Description Striped Standard Tights 1.2 (NA0021) Known for its outstanding panel design, this edition is a diva amongst our Standard lineage. The statement style is made in lycra fabric; a lightweight material that offers breathability & impressive stretch. It allows...
Rs.2,190 Rs.1,100
Airbrush R2.3 Interpid (U0001)
Description Airbrush R2.3 Interpid A unisex article from our running neutrals range that stands out because of its exceptional grip and go-with-all design.
Rs.7,990 Rs.4,000
Tweener Tights 1.1 Melange (NA0023)
Description Tweener Tights 1.1 Melange (NA0023) A made-to-cater three quarter style perfect for your gym training and yoga days. The mélange lycra tights offer breathability and a free stretch for a power-packed workout session that gives nothing but results. There is no...
Rs.2,690 Rs.1,350
Yoga Retreat Bra (NA0063)
Description Yoga Retreat Bra (NA0063) The Yoga Retreat Bra offers the right level of compression and elasticity. The tear resistant fabric delivers a decent level of support while you ace you’re a game! Specification Durable Stretchable Breathable No underwire Quick...
Rs.2,490 Rs.1,250
Standard Tights 1.1 Full Melange (NA0019)
Description Standard Tights 1.1 Full Melange (NA0019) Some days are made to deviate from basics & these melange tights are your way out. A stoutly current-style that comes in a breathable build and an impressive stretch. This standard style is...
Rs.2,690 Rs.1,350
Women Sports Bra (NA0065)
Description Women Sports Bra (NA0065) Wearing a suitable running bra that properly supports you while you run can prevent discomfort is important our Seamless Fit Bra does it for you. It provides the right amount of elasticity, the fine stitching...
Rs.2,490 Rs.1,250
Energy Splash Sports Bra (NA0058)
Description Energy Splash Sports Bra (NA0058) Opt for the right mix of gym and running bra which will make all the difference in your workout and running sessions! Energy Splash Sports Bra is tear resistant and comes with great elasticity...
Rs.2,990 Rs.1,500
Energy Splash Running Leggings (NA0074)
Description  Energy Splash Running Leggings(NA0074) Our running pants in legging style are rightfully tear resistant, completely elastic to help you move with ease and are extremely comfortable as you wear them!  Specification Durable Stretchable Breathable Quick dry Light weight Easy...
Rs.3,490 Rs.1,750
Infinite Rapid Leggings (NA0076)
Description Infinite Rapid Leggings (NA0076) Bring the heat in these Infinite Rapid Leggings, also ideal for your yoga sessions. Designed for your hot and heavy HIIT workouts, they will keep you cool even as you give it your all. Specifically...
Rs.3,490 Rs.1,750
Extra Mile Sports Bra (NA0062)
Description Extra Mile Sports Bra (NA0062) Extra Mile Sports Bra provides great support for high intensity work outs. They are tear resistant and come with great elasticity along with being comfortable. Get yourselves the ultimate level of support for activities...
Rs.2,490 Rs.1,250
Baserunner 1.0 Half Zip Shirt (NA0017)
Description Baserunner 1.0 Half Zip Shirt Pink  (NA0017) A quarter zipped shirt in a collared style that includes nifty detailing. Made in a breathable polyester fabric which is quick to dry, our “Baserunner 1.0 Quarter Zip Shirt” is a shape...
Rs.1,790 Rs.900
Seamless Fit Bra (NA0064)
Description Seamless Fit Bra (NA0064) Wearing a suitable running bra that properly supports you while you run can prevent discomfort is important our Seamless Fit Bra does it for you. It provides the right amount of elasticity, the fine stitching...
Rs.2,490 Rs.1,250
To the Waves 1.0 Yoga Leggings (NA0072)
Description  (NA0072) They're the core piece of kit that underpins yoga sessions, so it's best to pick ones that really do the job and stay up while you're at it like our To the Waves 1.0 Yoga Leggings! They are...
Rs.3,490 Rs.1,750
Energy Splash Running Jacket (NA0059)
Description Energy Splash Running Jacket (NA0059) Sublimation jacket Resists stretching and shrinking.Quick drying.Wrinkle, mildew and abrasion resistant.. Specification Stretchable Shrink Resistant Quick dry Abrasion Resistant Care Instructions WASHING INSTRUCTIONS   Do not bleach.  Do not dry clean  Machine wash only ...
Rs.4,490 Rs.2,250
Homerun 1.2 Half Sleeved Sweatshirt (NA0016)
Description Homerun 1.2 Half Sleeved Sweatshirt (NA0016) A durable edit from our workout / cross-training range which will make a dreamteam with your go-to days. While every stitch is put in place to give you an ultimate stretch and performance...
Rs.2,190 Rs.1,100
Fitness Forward Hoodie (NA0066)
Description Fitness Forward Hoodie (NA0066) The Fitness Forward Hoodie which is entirely fleece warm and highly durable, featuring ribbed waistband, cuffs as well as a draw string. The full zip provides quick venting and ease in taking it on and...
Rs.3,490 Rs.1,750
Homerun 1.1 Full Sleeved Sweatshirt (NA0015)
Description Homerun 1.0 Crop-Sweatshirt Black (NA0013) Heart-throb at the core of the female fitness community, this cropped style with ribbed cuffs is a perfect fit for those who love to maintain their style while they sweat those extra calories off...
Rs.2,190 Rs.1,100
Energy Overflow Sweatshirt (NA0045)
Description Energy Overflow Sweatshirt  (NA0045) The Energy Overflow Sweatshirt is not only fleece warm and purposefully durable, but is also moisture resistant, making it perfect for extreme cold weather conditions and to use it primarily as a sports wear. Specification...
Rs.2,990 Rs.1,500
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