AirBrush 1.7 Cursor (M6549)
Description AirBrush 1.7 Cursor (M6549) An all-in-all striking edition that offers maximum flexibility and extra cushioning because of its sole. It has an upper mesh and is ultra-light in weight. The tip of the shoe unveils into an ombre which...
Rs.5,510 Rs.2,760
Airbrush 1.5 Casual Spin (M6664)
Description Slip into these resilient shoes to make way for your daily routine. Treat yourselves with a minimalist design and the right amount of flexibility
Rs.4,360 Rs.2,180
Rapid 1.0 GYM Enthusiast (M6527)
Description Rapid 1.0 GYM Enthusiast (M6527) A cross-training / gym wear that allows maximum mobility via its technically designed, brawny structure. Its firm heel counter cradles the heel and reduces over-pronation that might lead to injury.  
Rs.4,690 Rs.2,350
Delta R1.1 Energy Booster (M6562)
Description Delta R1.1 Energy Booster (M6562) The Delta R1.1 Energy Booster is articulated specially for trail. These shoes are perfect for use on rugged terrain and the deep grooves provide the needed grip.  
Rs.9,760 Rs.4,880
AirBrush 1.5 Flex Run (M6666)
Description AirBrush 1.5 Flex Run (M6666) These Flex Run shoes have a strobel construction where the upper is stitched to the insole of the material to give a rigid support. It allows the weight of the shoe to be kept...
Rs.4,360 Rs.2,180
AirBrush R1.8 Running Neutrals (M6526)
Description AirBrush R1.8 Running Neutrals A semi-classic edition from our neutral category that supports long-wearing and allows easy-wear.
Rs.5,390 Rs.2,700
Delta R1.0 Trailblazer (M6563)
Description Delta R1.0 Trailblazer Tailored for trail, these running shoes are perfect for use on a rugged terrain. The toe protector safeguards your feet from any falling or rolling objects, in this case, rocks. The deep grooves provide with strong...
Rs.9,760 Rs.4,880
AirBrush 1.3 Sturdy (M6548)
Description AirBrush 1.3 Sturdy (M6548) A robust shoe that comes in a sturdy build and a mesh upper. Its chunky sole provides heel cushioning. This is an all-purpose shoe for sports such as tennis and cricket. The bounce element serves...
Rs.6,310 Rs.3,160
Airbrush R2.4 Archer (M6564)
Description Airbrush R2.4 Archer  A solid build with a considerable base strength; This casual lace-up from our running neutrals will be a perfect add to your sports gear.
Rs.9,760 Rs.4,880
AirBrush R2.0 Bolt (M6565)
Description AirBrush R2.0 Bolt (M6565) Packed with ultra-light weight, easy-pull laces and a perfect running stature, Bolt is capable of bearing shocks and has sweat absorption properties that makes it breathable. The elevated sole saves the ankle from possible injuries...
Rs.9,760 Rs.4,880
Airbrush R2.5 Nayza Classic (M6560)
Description  Airbrush R2.5 Nayza Classic (M6560) Ultra-light in weight, these shoes come with a heel cushioning and thick sole that improves performance and prevents injuries.
Rs.9,760 Rs.4,880
AirBrush R2.1 Metal Classic (M6561)
Description AirBrush R2.1 Metal Classic (M6561) A mesh exterior with an extra guard to protect the heel, Super Tread provides easy fit and flexibility.  
Rs.8,610 Rs.4,310
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