Tweener Tights 1.1 Melange (NA0023)
Description Tweener Tights 1.1 Melange (NA0023) A made-to-cater three quarter style perfect for your gym training and yoga days. The mélange lycra tights offer breathability and a free stretch for a power-packed workout session that gives nothing but results. There is no...
Rs.2,690 Rs.1,350
Tweener Tights 1.0 Solid (NA0022)
 Description Tweener Tights 1.0 Solid (NA0022) Finely curated in a solid lycra fabric, these tights offer functionality like no other. The statement piece is quick to dry and offers breathability as well as an impressive stretch, thus making it...
Rs.2,190 Rs.1,100
Standard Tights 1.1 Full Melange (NA0019)
Description Standard Tights 1.1 Full Melange (NA0019) Some days are made to deviate from basics & these melange tights are your way out. A stoutly current-style that comes in a breathable build and an impressive stretch. This standard style is...
Rs.2,690 Rs.1,350
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